Remote Control Sliding Door

2 Channel AC 220V Remote Controller Controls Outer and Inner Sliding Gates


I wish to run my outer sliding gate and my inner sliding gate, I would use a single remote control to operate both gates.


You can use a transmitter with two buttons (C-2) to control two 1 channel AC receivers (S1U-AC220), one button controls one receiver. Convenient compact design of this RF wireless remote control switch system – includes 1 transmitter & 2 receivers. It is very distinguished and the high quality. This switch can be applied to your lights, air conditioners, televisions, fans, doors, power locks, electric windows, electric curtains, etc. … all DC 0-28V or AC110 ~ 240V electrical appliances! The remote control is really fashionable and practical.


The wiring is very simple.


Wire gate motor to normally open &closed contact and “N” terminal. Wire “C” terminal and “L” terminal. Add wire to “N” terminal. Your gate motor can share power supply with receiver by this way.

Setting control mode Momentary: Only connect Jumper-1.

Control mode Momentary: Press and hold -> On; Release -> Off.

Press and hold button 1: Turn on the relay, open the outer sliding gate.

Release button 1: Turn off the relay, close the outer sliding gate.

Press and hold button 2: Turn on the relay, open the inner sliding gate.

Release button 2: Turn off the relay, close the inner sliding gate.

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