Time delay control

How to Remote Control 6V Motor

6V Customized time delay remote controller is added 6V voltage activated attribute so that it can be applied to lower voltage activated device. But it is still customized by customer with a fixed delay time and it cannot be adjusted as soon as it is set. So the time delay function will be programmed according to their actual requirement. We are going to make two 6V motors run forward and backward. Usually, one relay only can switch on and off the motor. It doesn’t make it rotate forward and reverse. We can use this kind of 2 channels remote to realize the motor positive and reverse direction.


See the wiring diagram. A&B terminals are normally closed; B&C terminals are normally open. That is to say, B is the common terminal. DC motor must be connected to common terminal B without any doubt. Connect terminal C to the positive and connect terminal A to the negative.

Note: In order to avoid interference to motor, power supply for the motor and the receiver should be different.

application circuit

Operation procedure:

At first, we set delay time 5 seconds both for relay and relay 2. This is the fixed delay time horizon. We set it in advance and will never be adjusted. Then switch on power.

Press button 1, the motor rotates continuously in the positive direction.

If we want to interrupt the positive rotation, we press button 3 to stop it.

Press button 2, motor rotates continuously in the reverse direction.

If we want to interrupt the reverse rotation, we press button 4 to stop it.

Time Delay Mode

Press button 1, the motor positive rotation will last 5 seconds which is set in advance, then stops rotating.

Press button 2, the motor reverse rotation will last 5 seconds which is preset, then stops rotating.

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