Time Controller

Time Controller——Better Choice

Recently, we promote a new product— multi functional clock and time control module. It is compatible with various working modes which can work individually and together. Its main functions are as follow. Time point or time period; controlling timing cycle by time period; controlling time relay together by time point, time period and voltage detection; discharge instrument function; week & days control function.



This controller can be widely used in clock and time control applications. For example, in those blazing summer days, air conditioners are absolutely necessary in offices or families. Long time operation of air conditioners are neither for good health nor for energy-saving. For good health and energy-saving sake, you can use this kind of controller to switch on and off the air conditioners. After wiring, you should preset time in advance. You choose P-2 mode (week control mode). You can preset Monday to Friday, 9:00am—Open; 12:00am—Close; 1:00pm—Open;5:00pm—Close. Saturday and Sunday: Close. The pre-set parameters can be saved after power turns off, and continues to work after power turns on.

The picture shows mode setting and timing.

It is 9 clock in the morning, the air conditioner will be turned on by itself. When they knock off at 12:00 and go out for lunch, the air conditioner will be turned off automatically. And 1:00~5:00 pm, the air conditioner is working all the time during this time. The air conditioner won’t work at weekend.

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