Remote Controller is Used in Water Feeding System

I own a cattle farm and I have to add water to my feed ration when I feed the cattle. I used to have to pull the tractor and trailer up to the water pipe, climb down from the tractor and walk around the side, plug in a submersible pump and run water into the feed trailer.

It is fairly inconvenient. I am wondering if there is a way to make that all remote controlled. Soon, I found single channel AC high power module.

I used the remote controller to toggle power to a timer relay which in turn powered the coil of a small motor starter. Through the motor starter, I ran a receptacle which plugged the submersible pump into.

Here is the wiring.

So when I press the remote control button 1, the control unit then energizes the timer for 3 minutes to activate the motor starter for 120volts submersible pump running. When I think I have enough water in feed ration, I press the remote control button 2 to stop water flowing and I continue on with the feeding of the cattle. The reason for the timer in the circuit is a fail-safe. If I forget to turn off the pump when there is enough water in ration and drive away without turning off the pump, the timer will only allow the pump to run for a maximum of 3 minutes, preventing 3000 gallons of water being pumped out on the ground.

So far the unit seems to work flawlessly and I am VERY pleased with how the whole system works.

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