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DIY Automatic Irrigation Pump

Question from customer:

I need to start and stop an electric motor (water pump) 1500 meters away from a house. The water pump is initiated by an irrigation controller. A relay n/o or n/c contact is automatically operated from the irrigation controller when no one is home. Currently there are 2 wires running all the way and are regularly damaged by cows, fires, machinery. I wish to start and stop this motor via remote control, but there are no always people there to push the button on a remote control. This start is initiated by a voltage free relay contact.


We recommend the 1 channel high power long range receiver S1PU-AC220-ANT2 and 5~28V triggered transmitter CB-2V.

remote control unit

The outstanding feature of this transmitter is that it has two wires, when two wires connect to low voltage, transmitter will send signal to receiver to activate controlled appliance.



The receiver is 1 channel with extended antenna and multiple working modes. When it pairs with its transmitter, its transmitting distance is up to 2000M in the open air.

Here is the wiring diagram for transmitter and receiver.

For transmitter, you can manage to find an electric device as a triggered switch for its two wires. Do as following shown, connect two wires to electric device.


For the receiver, there are normally open/ closed terminals. Usually, we wire electric device to the normally open terminals. So A&B terminals are normally open; A&C terminals are normally closed. We can connect motor to A&B terminals. And connect a wire between B&L terminals and another wire to A&N terminals. Through N&L terminals, supply AC power to the receiver.


When the transmitter is triggered by low voltage to two wires, it will transmit “ON” signal to receiver to open the irrigation pump. When power is cut off, it will transmit “OFF” signal to receiver to stop the irrigation pump. | 502: Bad gateway

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