Remote Control Pump Instantly

Question from customer:

I want to remote control a water pump in the upstairs garden on and off from my kitchen which requires a momentary start signal. The pump has its own power from 110/120V AC and timed operation. Would you like to recommend me any favorable remote control switches?


We recommend you 1 channel AC remote control (S1M-AC220+C-1). This 1 channel RF wireless remote control switch system is triggered by AC power (100V~240V)and allows you to control your lights, garage doors, fans, motors, cars…within about 100 meters distance. The receiver is direct power output. Power supply for the receiver and the water pump are the same. It means that you don’t have to prepare another power supply for water pump operation.


Wiring program is as follow:

Wire water pump to the zero wire and live wire (terminals 3&4). Then supply 100V~240V to the receiver.



Press button and hold: Turn on relay, terminals 3 and 4 output AC power. The water pump can be activated.

Release button: Turn off relay, terminals 3 and 4 no output. The water pump will stop working.

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