Remote Control DC Motor

Hobby Project Motors Remote Controlling


I want to control 6 different small electric DC motors for a hobby project.


This 12 channel dc remote controller (S12CA-DC12+CV-12) can help you controls 6 dc motors’ positive and reverse rotation. The receiver works with a 12-button remote transmitter. It only can be used to control 6 motors for every two relays in the receiver can control one motor to rotate in forward and reverse other than controlling at most 12 same or different off/on electric devices. Remote distance is up to 500m.


Look at the following wiring diagram and picture. The wiring is just a little complicated. B is common contact. Each motor should be connected to B terminals of every two relays. A is normally closed contact and C is normally open contact. Connect contact C to the positive and connect contact A to the negative. We connect motors one by one.


S12CA-DC&CV-12 Wiring


There are more than one working modes of that controller. Generally speaking, you will choose the momentary mode for motor controlling.

Learning Momentary control mode: When the receiver is in the status of LEARNING, press button 2 of the remote control.

Control mode Momentary (Channel 1~12): Press and hold -> On; Release -> Off.

Controlling motors at random just for an example from following demonstration:

If you want you control Motor 4:

Press and hold button 7, motor rotates in positive direction; Release button 7, motor 4 stops. Press and hold button 8, motor rotates in reverse direction; Release button 8, motor 4 stops.

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