Fireworks Remote Control System Series, Special Remote Control

The Game of Hunting Treasure used with Firework Ignition System

Someone decided to hold a “Treasure Hunt” game for his friends. So he designed the rule of game. Every participant must find a remote controller according to indication initially. Then participant must find battery in destination. At last, participant will put battery into remote controller and use remote controller to ignite a small firework. Firework ignition regards as “treasure”. That who first can ignite firework means that participant have found the “treasure” which is hidden in advance. He won the game. So he would like to find a favorable product in our online shop.

We recommend him this one channel 6 V long distance firework ignition system 0020377 (S1PS1-DC06-ANT2+1CB-1L). It can ignite various kinds of electric fireworks directly, or ordinary fireworks through fireworks electric igniter, which reduces accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions. The ignitor can be remotely controlled from any place within a reliable distance; wireless signal pass through walls, floors and doors. Working distance of transmitter and receiver with external extend antenna: 2000M /6000ft (theoretically)

The participant can wire small firework to the firework ignitor according to following diagram. Wire firework to black and red terminals of ignitor.

After wiring, participant can switch on firework ignitor. Press button to ignite firework. It is very easy to operate.

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