Remote Control Firework Ignition

We have introduced the firework ignition with remote control or firework ignitor system in previous period. Now we try to use 9V direct power output remote control to set off firework. Besides reducing accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions, the most remarkable of this remote control for firework ignition is that there is no need to connect firework to any power supply.

We have the following materials.

1 channel 9V direct power output receiver(S1X-DC09)

one button transmitter (C-1)

1×electric firework

1×9V battery

S1X-DC09&C-1 material

Connect wire of electric firework to positive and negative terminals on receiver. And connect 9V battery to receiver via connector.

S1X-DC09&C-1 wiring

Press button, ignite electirc firework.

S1X-DC09&C-1 firewor ignition


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