How to Ignite Momentary Firework by Firework Remote Control System

1 CH RF remote system for firework is our new product.  It can ignite various kinds of electric fireworks directly or ordinary firework through fireworks electric ignitors, or light momentary firework ,which reduces accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions. However, launching this momentary firework will be more dangerous because it is sparked in a second and its sparks can fly 2 meters high. We will try to ignite momentary firework with this kind of remote system. It is much safer method to ignite firework.

This new product contains 1-button remote transmitter and 1-channel receiver. Wire the momentary firework to the receiver, the momentary firework can be remotely controlled by remote transmitter from any place within a reliable distance; wireless signal pass through walls, floors and doors.

Firstly, we should prepare some material. Look at the following picture below. There are firework system, one-button transmitter and momentary firework.

Connect wire of momentary firework to black and red terminals on receiver.

Turn on the power switch on receiver. Press button, ignite momentary firework.

firework 1


Any inflammable and explosives material must be far away when igniting fireworks.

Anyone is far away from the firework more than 50m when it is ignited.

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