wireless remote control one DC lamp

315/433MHZ Toggle Remote Control Mode Wireless Kit On/Off One DC Lamp

Here is the single channel DC wireless remote control system. The model is 0020056(S1RT-DC12 & 2CWB-1). The controller includes one receiver (S1RT-DC12) and two transmitters (CWB-1). The transmitter could remote control the receiver within 50m / 150ft (theoretically). The system can connect lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors/locks/windows/blinds/cars or other appliances with AC110~240V or DC0~28V. For example, you can connect one DC lamp to receiver, then use the transmitter to remote control the lamp on/off.


This is the circuit diagram of receiver. You can connect one DC lamp to terminal “K” and “G” of receiver. Then supply power to receiver. When you press the button of transmitter, turn on lamp; press the button again, turn off lamp.

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This is the operation material of wireless remote control one DC lamp.


When you press the button in the transmitter, turn on the lamp.


When you press the button again, turn off the lamp.



Finally you can also enter into the website and search the product and visit the operation video as following:

Model: 0020056(S1RT-DC12 & 2CWB-1)



http://www.carymart.com/1-channel-50m-wireless-dc-remote-control-kit-with-toggle-mode- p-1842.html




The operation video link: