remote control lamp on/off

How to Remote Control 4 AC Lamps Off/On

2000M long range 4CH AC power output remote control kit (S4X-AC220-ANT2+CB-4L) is recommended here. 4-button transmitter is compatible with 4 channel receiver. One button is to its correspondent channel. You can connect 4 lamps to receiver. This remote is 220VAC power output so you have not to supply any power to controlled lamps. With external extended antenna, the transmission distance reach 2000m in the open field.

remote controller

Here is the wiring diagram. You can connect 4 AC lamps to “A&B” output terminals of receiver. Then supply power to receiver.


Setting “Toggle Mode” Only connect Jumper-2 with a little jumper.

Press button A, turn on lamp 1; Press button A again, turn off lamp 1.

Press button B, turn on lamp 2; Press button B again, turn off lamp 2.

Press button C, turn on lamp 3; Press button C again, turn off lamp 3.

Press button D, turn on lamp 4; Press button D again, turn off lamp 4.

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