High amp Load Receiver and Wall-mounted Rocker Switch for Pump


I want to remote control my submersible pump which draws water every day. It is 30amps and runs 220V power supply. Can you get the single channel remote control kit 30a ac 110V/220v with a wall mount remote control switch?


We suggest that you can use 110V/220V power output high amp load receiver (S1PX-AC220) & wall mounted rocker switch. The receiver circuit is designed for high capacity device (30amps). It is 110V/220V power output, you don’t have to add additional power supply for your submersible pump which is to be controlled. You can only wire submersible pump to receiver “OUTPUT” terminals. When power for receiver is on, submersible pump will work. And when high amp load receiver works the wall mounted rocker switch, their working distance can reach 500m (theoretical data in the open field). You can use screws to install rocker switch to the wall.


Wire submersible pump to the L&N contact terminal of receiver, and power receiver on. Install rocker switch on the wall.


Press the rocker switch, submersible pump start to draw water.

Press the rocker switch again, submersible pump stop drawing water.

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