Motion Triggered Detector and Time Delay Function Receiver Operation

Question from customer:

What we need is three motion sensors with 2 receivers. The receiver can be one channel. Once there is a trigger to any one motion sensor this will trigger both receivers at the same time. Each receiver can have one dry contact output that will trigger anytime any of the motion sensors trigger. And the receiver will go back to previous state after 1 minute.


We recommend rf remote receiver and infrared motion sensor (S1DA-DC12-ANT2+W-01) to you. You can have those 2 receivers paired up with three motion sensors so that they can work together. The receiver is delay time adjustable (0 seconds ~ 99 hours). It controls lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors/locks/ windows/ blinds/ cars or other appliances. You can turn on/off the receiver with transmitter (remote control) from any place within a reliable distance; the wireless signal can pass through walls, floors and doors. With the extended external antenna, its working distance can reach 2000m.


The receiver is normally open and close dry contact. So the device which you want to remote control can be supplied with additional power supply according to your device’s voltage parameter. Wire device to normally open dry contact.


Press buttons of “+” and “-” on the timer, adjust delay time from 0 second to 99 hours. “H” is Hour, “M” is Minute, and “S” is Second. If you want it go back to previous state after 1 minute, you can set “M 0 1”, it means the delay time is 1 minute. When some movements trigger the motion sensor, turn off the relay and turn on device. After 1 minute, it is that the receiver will change status immediately if there is no trigger but will return to previous state after 1 minute. The device is turned off automatically.

Any of the motion sensors can trigger that receiver. If you use those two receivers in the same place, you can set them with different codes.

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