Remote Controller is Applied to LED Lamp for Decoration

When you use led lamps to decorate your bed room, your balcony, your garden, your yard or do something glowing Christmas lighting ornament outdoor, you must be very tired with complex wiring, we try to make those wiring procedure easier.


A wireless wall-mounted switch and dc output receiver can be a new remote control unit (S1X-DC12&HR-1). It is dc power output so you can use it to control DC 0~28V actuated electrical devices off/on. This wall mounted switch is like ordinary wall switch from appearance, but it is wireless and operated by RF signal that can pass through walls, floors and doors. It is be affix to any place you want by double faced adhesive tape. The switch works with DC power output receiver, you LED lamps can wired to output terminals of receiver and also get power from them.

wall-mounted switch&receiverwall-mounted switch

Here is the wiring diagram.

Wire dc led lamp to OUTPUT of receiver. And add power supply to receiver. This kind of receiver is designed for DC output terminals so that lamp can get power from output terminals of receiver directly as mentioned above.

wiring diagram

Setting different control modes (We usually set toggle for lamp controlling.)

Setting control mode Toggle: Only connect Jumper-2.

Press button: Turn on the relay, terminal OUT outputs DC power, turn on led lamp.

Press button again: Turn off the relay, terminal OUT no output, turn off led lamp.