wireless remote control outdoor lighting

1 Channel Wireless Transmitter of Remote Control Outdoor Lighting

Question from customer:

I want to use your Model: 0020015 (S1PT-AC220 & C-1) to control my outdoor lighting by two possibilities,

Is it possible with the Model: 0020015 (S1PT-AC220 & C-1) to turn on  the light by both the remote control or by one push button.

Is it possible to use the switches (push button) which are in my house to cause the opening and closing of the light.

In a word, I wish I could turn the light on or with your remote control or with the push     button which is installed in the house.

When pressing the button on your remote that it causes contact in the receiver. Is it     possible to also establish this contact by two wires connected to my existing push button in the house.


According to your requirement, we introduce the facility of the model to you in detail. It is model: S1PT-AC220 & C-1. The receiver can be controlled by two transmitters. After you mount the receiver on the outdoor lighting, you can connect one transmitter to your switch in the house by two wires. When you press the switch, the contact can close and the transmitter will launch the wireless RF signal. You can directly use the other one transmitter to remote control the outdoor lighting. So you can turn on/off the outdoor lighting by remote control or pushing the switch in the house.

It can control motors, fans, electrically operated doors/Locks/windows/blinds/cars or other appliances with AC110~240V or DC0~28V. You can remote control the appliances with a reliable distance (100m/300ft theoretically). The wireless RF signal can pass through walls, floors and doors.


Here is the circuit diagram. You can connect the outdoor lighting to “A & B” output    terminal of the receiver. Then supply power to the receiver. When you use the transmitter or press the switch with transmitter in the house, the receiver can receive the wireless RF signal and turn on/off the outdoor lighting.

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Model: 0020015 (S1PT-AC220 & C-1)