Remote Control Lights

6 Stage Lights Remotely Controllable by One controller

Question from customer:

For a stage, I must achieve six lights to be wirelessly and remotely controllable. These “lights” will be placed in wooden cubes perforated, which will be moved on stage, and must be turned on and off from the technical table located 10 to 15 meters scene.

stage lightingstage lighting 2


We pick out this control kit from one-to- many control series. One transmitter and 6 receivers can solve this problem. In one-to-many control series, receiver can pair with stage lights you want to control by using a transmitter. With one transmitter at hand you will control stage lights at ease. There is no need to walk back and forth to switch on or off stage lights.


one to many

Those 6 receivers connect to 6 lights respectively.

Press button 1, switch stage light 1 on and off.

Press button 2, switch stage light2 on and off.

Press button 6, switch stage light 6 on and off.

Now, is one-to-many series remote controller kit not your better choice?

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