Firework Igniter Ignited by Remote Control Firework System

Glorious fireworks shine in the color of the night, which look like flowers in bloom.

firework 1firework 1

However, it is dangerous to ignite fireworks in short distance. To reduce potential danger of skin burn, the best choice for Igniting firework is to use the remote controller.

We try to demonstrate how to use the firework ignitor system to ignite electric igniter for firework.

First, we prepare receiver box of firework ignitor system and 1 transmitter as well as 1 electric igniter.

S1PS1-DC-ANT1+C-1Lmaterial preparation copy

Connection and Operation:

Connect two wires of electric igniter to red and black terminals of the receiver.

Switch on the receiver after connections.


Press button, ignite electric igniter.


Short Video:

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Any inflammable and explosives material must be far away when igniting fireworks.

Anyone is far away from the firework more than 50m when it is ignited.

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