Trailer Lights Controlled by Remote controller

In scorching summer, many a families will drive to seashore with their boats to be ready to sail on the sea with joy. Usually, most of them put their boat to the trailer which is pulled by a car or other vehicle. Sometimes, people intend to add a trailer to their car or other vehicle by themselves. They are keen on this refit.

trailertrailer and boat

However, the boat on the trailer will shelter from lights of car or other vehicle. People who drive back from you cannot judge whether you want to turn or brake.

trailer and boat1 (2)


Wireless remote controller is exactly helpful for this situation. You don’t have to do some complicated wirings when you decide to add a trailer at the end of your car or other vehicle. This handy, foolproof and available remote controller is your better choice. This remote controller set has two parts. One is the wireless transmitter module, the other is a receiver box. We can use wireless transmitter module and a receiver box to solve this problem.


We use module above to connect to car or trunk’s lights, and then connect receiver lights of trailer. One module and a receiver above can be applied a pair of lights of car and trailer respectively. You can connect lights as many as you want to control with two or more control kits.




When you switch on the car or other vehicles’ lights, “ON” signal will be sent to the receiver to switch on the lights of trailer. Then switch off lights, switch off the trailer’s lights.

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