100M Remote Control LED Lamp

Question from customer:

I want to put a 220v Transceiver to turn on / off the power of a transformer of led lighting (to avoid the transformer is always on), this will make me a remote control switch. I want a basic on / off function product.


1 channel ac power direct output remote switch (S1X-AC220+C-2) is suitable for you. Its remarkable feature is ac power direct output, that is to say, you don’t have to supply additional power to being controlled device because it can get power from powered receiver. It controls lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors/locks/windows/blinds/cars or other appliances with AC 100~240V range. You can turn on/off the receiver with transmitter (remote control) from any place within a reliable distance (about 100m); the wireless RF signal can pass through walls, floors and doors.


Wiring diagram is here. Wire transformer to L&N terminals of “OUT “ terminal. Then wire lamp to the transformer.


To avoid transformer being always on, you can use transmitter to remote control it. There are three working modes in it. They are toggle, momentary and latched modes. Here, you can choose latched because there are two buttons of transmitter.

Setting control mode Latched: Do not connect Jumper-1 and Jumper-2.

Press button 1: Turn on the transformer, terminal OUT outputs AC power to switch on lamp.

Press button 2: Turn off the transformer, terminal OUT no output to switch off lamp.

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