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Wireless Wall-Mounted Switch Remote Control Kit for AC Lamp

We made a remote control kit which consists of a wall-mounted switch and a remote receiver (S1X-AC220&HR-1).

wall-mounted switch and receiver

When we use ordinary switch to switch home appliances off and on, we should do some wiring for home appliances, some time it is very complicated and time- consuming. Our RF wireless wall mounted switch looks like universal switch from appearance, but it is wireless and operate by RF signal that can pass through walls, floors and doors. It is can be simply affix to any place you want by double faced adhesive tape.

wall-mounted switch

Through RF signal, you don’t have to wire between switch and appliances. Wall-mounted switch works with remote receiver to remote control ac lamp.

Here is the wiring diagram.

wiring diagram

Wire ac lamp to OUTPUT of receiver. And add power supply to receiver. This kind of receiver is designed for AC output terminals so that lamp can get power from output terminals of receiver directly.

Setting different control modes (We usually set toggle for lamp controlling.)

Setting control mode Toggle: Only connect Jumper-2.

Press button: Turn on the relay, terminal OUT outputs AC power, turn on lamp.

Press button again: Turn off the relay, terminal OUT no output, turn off lamp.

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