How to Switch On and Off AC Lamp without Wiring

Question from customer:

I want switch on and off my porch light. But I don’t want do some wiring from porch to inside of my house. I want switches which can be mounted or glued to a wall. I’d like to use standard light switch fixtures as well if possible.

Can you recommend me anything that solves this situation?


We’d like recommend this 6VDC 1 button wireless calling button with adhesive-tape and 1 channel AC220V receiver (S1X-AC220). Calling button is a part of wireless calling system, here we pair it with a wireless RF receiver to make a remote control system.

calling button&receiver

Wireless calling button is the hi-tech electronic product which is integrated wireless communication and computer technology. Usually it pair with a wireless receiver host. However, ordinary RF receiver can work with it too as long as they paired.

It is widely applied to restaurants, coffee shops, karaoke rooms, discos, sauna rooms, beer houses, pubs, night clubs, bowling alleys, golf courses, video halls, hotels, hospitals, schools, chain stores ,shops…

Wireless calling button simply stick to wall or desk by double-adhesive tape on its back. You can stick to anywhere you want. There is no need wiring from switch to lamp. Your light can be wired to the receiver and do not need supply additional power to light because it can get power from receiver.

Here is the receiver wiring diagram.



Press the “CALL” button, turn on porch lamp.

Press the “CALL” button again, turn off porch lamp.

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