12-Channel Remote Control Pyrotechnics Ignition System Ignites Cascade Pyrotechnics

A new 12-channel remote control pyrotechnics ignition system has been added to our online store. It can ignite various kinds of electric fireworks directly, or cascade pyrotechnics which are used at stage. Remote control firework ignition reduces accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions.

12 channel firework ignition system

It contains 12-button remote transmitter and 12-channel ignitor. Each channel can ignite about 25 pyrotechnics simultaneously. It also has many features including test function, voltage indicator, waterproof case and manual operation mode. Wireless signal pass through walls, floors and doors. The remote control distance is 500m/1500ft (theoretically).

Let’s show you all how to use this remote control pyrotechnics ignition system.

First of all, we should prepare materials. We have firework ignitor and remote transmitter as well as cascade pyrotechnics.

S12PS1-ANT1&CB-12L material 2

Here comes to wiring. Wire cascade  pyrotechnics to the ignitor, the  pyrotechnics can be remotely controlled by remote transmitter from any place within a reliable distance.

S12PS1-ANT1&CB-12L wiring

Press button to ignite cascade pyrotechnics. The  pyrotechnics go off in a cascade of color.

S12PS1-ANT1&CB-12L firework ignition



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