12 Remote Transmitter & 1 RF Receiver Used for Emergency Control

Question from customer:

There are 12 match places in our Karate Club. Now I want twelve remote controllers and one 12-channel receiver. Each remote controller is put in each match place. And the 12-channel receiver is put in the First Aid Room. When there is player being injured, we can press the remote to notify the First Aid Room in time.

Answer to the question:

We recommend multi-channel rf remote control system model of 0020192 (S12CA-DC09/12/24 & C-1) to you. It includes twelve remote transmitters and one 12-channel receiver. Each remote controls each channel of receiver. In order to know which place to go, each channel of receiver should be wired to such like small lamp for indication.

Wiring diagram is as follow:

If there is player being injured, press the button of remote, the lamp will be on; the First Aid Room will react swiftly
in the emergency.


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