Remote Control Float Switch

1 Channel Mult-Modes Remote Switch for Float Switch and Pump

Question from customer:

A relay is activated by a float switch through 600 feet of underground wire (12 volt dc) to control a water pump. But this wire was broken. So controlling between float switch and relay is cut off. I need a transmitter activated by float switch, and a receiver which activates a 12 volt relay. I have 12 volt power supply for receiver and transmitter.

float switch and relay


We recommend the normally open/ closed remote control applied for device control another device (S1PU-DC12-ANT2 & CB-2N).

remote control float switch

The transmitter, CB-2N, is battery-operated long range transmitter with extended two wires. Triggered method of this transmitter is connection of two wires. When two wires are closed, the transmitter will send signal to receiver. The receiver is high power with normally open and closed terminals. With extended antenna, the theoretical working distance of remote controller is up to 2000M. Now that the wire between float switch and relay was broken, you can connect your float switch to two wires of CB-2N, and use this receiver S1PU-DC12-ANT2to replace your 12 volt relay. Please see the following picture.

Normally open and closed terminals A&B are connected to water pump. And we supply power source to receiver.

remote control float switch circuit

When the tank is empty, the float switch circuit is closed to trigger transmitter (CB-2N) to send signal to receiver. When receiver receives “ON” signal, it will activate pump to fill water into tank. When the tank is full, the float switch circuit is open to open transmitter circuit to send signal to receiver. When receiver receives “OFF” signal, it will stop pump to pump water to tank.