Remote Control Electromagnetic Lock

How to Remote Control Electromagnetic Lock

Electromagnetic lock is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. The principle behind an electromagnetic lock is the use of electromagnetism to lock a door when energized. Essentially it consists of an electromagnet attracting a conductor with a force large enough to prevent the door from being opened.

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That is to say, if only we could cut off power supply and make electromagnet force between electromagnet and armature plate to disappear, the door would be opened. Furthermore, we just try to use a direct dc output momentary remote and one button transmitter to cut off electric power to open the door. The following demonstration will show.

At first, we prepare material.

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The wiring


When we supply power to electromagnetic lock, electromagnet will attract armature plate through magnetic force. The door is locked. When we press button, the power supply will be cut off. The door is open as soon as electromagnetic lock unlock instantly.


What’s more, this rf remote control sends out rf signal which can pass through walls, doors as well as other barriers. You can remote control the electromagnetic lock to open the door as long as you stay within a reliable distance. | 502: Bad gateway

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