How to Use One Transmitter to Remote Control 30 Receivers

Question from Customers:

I’d like to remote control my LED decoration lights. Can I use 30 similar receivers with 1 transmitter working on 6v battery to operate low voltage LED decoration lights, in one on off operation?


Yes, we recommend this single channel dc 6V toggle 100m rf remote control kit—the receivers S1T-DC06 and the transmitter C-1.


We will set 30 receivers and this transmitter with same 8-bits code so that they can work together. These receivers S1T-DC06 can work on 6V battery. The control mode is toggle mode which is fixed in advance. Toggle mode is the only working mode in this remote control kit. The maximum working current of one receiver is 10amp and remote control distance is 100m (300ft).

Here comes the wiring.

Initial state: A and B terminals are normally closed; B and C terminals are normally open. We connect light to B&C terminals. And the receiver must be wired to 6V power supply. Light can share the same power supply with receiver if you do wiring follow that wiring diagram.


You can connect 30 lights to 30 receivers one by one. Press button, turn on all lights; press button again, turn off all lights.


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