Latched Mode Remote Control Switch for Lamp Controlling

When you want to remote control one more AC devices, you may think about 2 channel remote receiver. This kind of Latching 2 channel remote switch (S2L-AC110~240V + C-1) may be suitable for you. It is activated by AC110V~240V power supply, so being controlled devices will get power from powered receiver. The maximum current output is 3 ampere. The Coding type of receiver is learning code. You can remote control any electric devices within 100M (No obstacles).


Look at the following wiring diagram. We try to introduce 2 lamps controlling of this kind. First, we connect the neutral wire to the terminal “1”, and the live wire to the terminal “2”. Second, we connect the lamp 1 to the terminal “5” and the neutral wire. Third, we continue to connect the lamp 2 to the terminal “4” and the neutral wire.


Latching mode is the only working mode of this remote. So we can do the following operation. 1) Press button C: Turn on the lamp 1, turn off the lamp 2.

2) Press button B: Turn on the lamp 2, turn off the lamp 1.

3) Press button A: Turn off the lamp 1 and the lamp 2.

You can remote control any AC electric appliances other than lamps. It is very convenient to you because you don’t have to supply any power to controlled appliances.

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