100M Remote Controller Switch Lamp On and Off

The 1 channel Latched mode RF remote control operates in AC110V ~220V and 315/433MHz. Through retrofitting, this kind of remote control made a little changes compared with the original remote. Two kinds of receiver style, one is AC 110V (AC 100~120V), widely used in US, Canada…; the other is AC220V (AC 200~240V), used in UK, France…. The Coding type of receiver is learning code. Maximum working current for each channel is 3 ampere instead of 4 ampere of original one. The working distance is 100M.


You can control on/off, open/close of universal electrical devices. Applications include gate remote control, motor remote control, garage door remote control, light remote control, etc. We will take ac light remote controlling for an example. Look at the following wiring diagram. From the interior analogue circuit, we connect the neutral wire to the terminal “1”, and the live wire to the terminal “2”. And then connect the lamp to the terminal “5” and the neutral wire.


Latched mode is the only working mode of it. As regards the latched mode, it is motivated by relay group. (Latched (Press button 1-> On; Press button 2 -> Off)) So we prepare a 2-button transmitter for you to remote control it. All you need to do is just press slightly the button on the remote. You press button 1 to turn on lamp; press button 2 to turn off lamp.

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