2 Channel Time-Delay Remote Controller Controls Pool Rolling Shutter Open and Close

There are various types of pool rolling shutters such as winter shutters, solar shutters, and safety shutters. All kinds of shutter can prevent leaves or other things falling in pool. Winter pool shutter can keep water warm when winter comes. Safety pool shutter can prevent accidental drowning, especially for children. No matter any purposes for pool shutter, it is most important for pool shutter to be convenient to you. So maybe you really need to your retrofit your pool rolling shutter instead of manual control. You can remote control your existing shutter motor to realize open and closed.

pool shutter

You may wonder how to do this. Please see the following.

You will see the 2 channel time-delay remote control kit (S2DA-AC220+C-4), ac motor or other gadgets.

1 x 2 channel delay time adjustable receiver (S2DA-AC220)

1 x 4-button transmitter (C-4)

AC power supply



You can see the wiring diagram. AC motor is supposed to connect to common terminal B. Live wire is connected to normally open terminals C. And neutral wire is connected to AC motor.

wiring diagram


Here comes to operation

At first, we set delay time 8 seconds for relay 1 and 10 seconds for relay 2. Then switch on power.

Press button 1, the motor rotates continuously in the positive direction.

button 1 positive rotation

If we want to interrupt the rotation, we can press button 3, the motor stops rotating immediately.

button 3 stop

Press button 2, motor rotates continuously in the reverse direction.

button 2 reversal rotation

If we want to interrupt the reverse rotation, press button 4, the motor stops right away.

button 4 stop

Time Delay Mode

Press button 1, the motor positive rotation will last 8 seconds which is set in advance, then stops rotating.

button 1 time delay

Press button 2, the motor reverse rotation will last 10 seconds which is preset, then stops rotating.

button 2 time delay


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