Remote Control Winch

120V Winch Motor is Controlled Remotely by Inversion Motor Controller with Time Delay Function

Question from customer:

We are looking for a 120vac powered remote control for winch. We need 1 motor control 120vac with ability to stop when limit switch reached. Also like delay for start direction of ac motor.

ac 220v winch


Forward &Reverse Motor controller is 110V~220V power actuated, which also enjoys time delay function and limit switch. It focuses on capability of motor forward-reverse-stop. Wireless signal pass through walls, floors, doors and other obstacles if you remote control your winch motor within a reliable distance from any places. With time delay function, the working time can be adjusted from 10 to 60 seconds. What’s more, the limit switch can prolong or shorten delay time through its clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. It really meets your need.


Wiring and operation will be explained in more detail from following procedure and picture.

Wiring procedure:

Connect the live wire to the “L”, and the zero wire to the “N”. Connect AC motor to the “OUT” and the zero wire. You can exchange output wires of motor to change the rotating direction of motor.



Press button ▲: Light 1 shines, motor rotates in the positive direction, and it will stop after a certain delay time.

Press button ▼: Light 2 shines, motor rotates in the reversal direction, and it will stop after a certain delay time.

The delay time of positive / reverse rotation can be adjusted from 10 to 60 seconds. Turn R1/R2 clockwise, prolong the delay time. Turn R1/R2 anti-clockwise, shorten the delay time. When you press button ▲ or button ▼, the motor starts to rotate; It will stop after the delay time is expired.

When the rotation is overdone, if switch S1 or S2 is activated, the motor will stop automatically.

After press button ▲, you must press button ■ to stop the motor firstly, and then press button ▼.

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