Winch Motor Remote Controlling

One of our customers wanted to have a remote control kit to replace his manual switch bar to control his winch motor running up and down. This is his original wiring diagram. AC 110V will input via white wire and black wire. Through converter, AC 110V will be converted to direct current. In the violet circle, this is the manual switch control area. He has to use control switch bar to control winch motor up and down. He thought that it is inconvenient to him. So he wondered if there is a favorable remote controller for him to solve this problem.

replacement part 1

We recommend him a 2 Channel 30A remote control kit(S2U-AC220+C-3) which features in 30A high power current. It controls lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors/locks/windows/blinds/cars or other appliances with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V which is normally open and closed contact.


Our thought is that the red circle part in the following picture will be replaced by our RF receiver.

replacement part

So we drew a wiring diagram. The Black and Red wires (picture above )will be connected to terminals C and terminals B on relay 1&relay 2 respectively. White and Brown wires(picture above) will be wired to Motor.

remote control winch motor

There are 4 controlling modes for your reference. They are toggle, momentary, latched, momentary + toggle. As for motor controlling, we suggest momentary mode.

Setting control mode Momentary: Only connect Jumper-1.

Control mode Momentary: Press and hold -> On; Release -> Off.

Press and hold button A of remote: Turn on relay 1, motor runs up.

Release button A: Turn off relay 1, motor stops.

Press and hold button B of remote: Turn on relay 2, motor runs down.

Release button B: Turn off relay 2, motor stops.

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