Motor Remote Controller and Contactor Remote Control Winch

Question from customer:

Hi, I am looking for a 110 volt remote control for a winch that pulls my boat from the water into my boat house.


120 volt

20 amps max

Momentary switches

Do you have a kit that meets these requirements?

Boat Electric Winch


First, we’d like to recommend motor momentary remote controller (S1FM-AC220&CV-2-2). It can remote control motors of rolling blinds/ doors, projection screens, awnings, pumps, winches, conveyors or other electric appliances and machineries. With 2 directive buttons ▲(Positive rotation) and ▼(Reversal rotation), you can rotate the motor in the positive or reversal direction with the transmitter (remote control) from any place within a reliable distance(this kind of remote controller is 500m/1500ft). Power supply is AC 100~240V. But this maximum current is 10amps, it is not enough for you to remote control your 20amps winch. So we’d like show you contactor motor starter relay, you can use it amplify current which you need. AC contactor (aka motor starter) is a high capacity relay. It is often used to control a motor or as a main power switch. It’s used for long range connection and circuit disconnection, frequent activation and controlling AC motor.


Here is the wiring diagram. Two contactors will act as a bridge between remote controller and high power motor to help activate high power motor to rotate in positive and reversal position.

connection diagram

Wire A1 terminal of contactor 1 to UP terminal of receiver, and A1 terminal of contactor 2 to DOWN of receiver. Wire T2 terminals of contactors 1&2 to winch motor. Wire winch motor to COM terminal of receiver. Supply power to receiver and contactor 1&2 respectively.


Press and hold button ▲ on remote: Motor rotates continuously in positive direction.

Release button ▲ on remote: Stop the motor.

Press and hold button ▼ on remote: Motor rotates continuously in reversal direction.

Release button▼ on remote: Stop the motor.

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