Mobile Phone WiFi Controller, Special Remote Control

AC Motor Controlled by iOS Mobile Phone Wi-Fi Controller

AC motor can be found in household application. Such as your water pump, hot water circulator, mini winch, garden irrigation system. When you want to control those electric devices, you always try to make the wiring, connection and operation easy. If you want electric device can get power supply through the remote controller instead of supplying another power, we’d like to introduce the mobile phone Wi-Fi controller with DC or AC voltage output to you.


It works under Wi-Fi connection. With 8-channel high-current output (30amp), you can wire at least 8 devices to it. With external antenna for longer range, the theatrical working distance is 2000M (6000ft) in the open air. Actually, we design this controller for 2 Smartphone working systems— 4.6 ~ 6.1 version iOS and 2.1 ~ 4.0 version Android systems.


We will illustrate the iOS system controlling DC motor here. It must Work on the jailbroken iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Where there is Wi-Fi networking, there is this Wi-Fi controller. It Applied in modern agriculture field, smart home, instruments, equipment controlling. Wi-Fi remote control lights, motors, fan, electric doors / windows, aircraft, remote cars, remote toys, rolling blinds, pumps, winches, or other electrical devices with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V.

ios wifi controller

Here is the controlling procedure of AC motor for your information. The material is Wi-Fi controller, mobile phone, AC motor and power adaptor.

WF-8-2R ios-material

Connect the motor to the output terminals of WIFI controller as the wiring diagram shown.

wifi control motor

WF-8-2R ios-wiring

Switch on the power of WIFI controller. Wait until power led, ready led and link led turn on. So the Wi-Fi network is connected. After wireless network connection, press the icon of WIFI Controller software to turn it.

WF-8-2R ios-connection

Set up working mode for each channel of relay. Four working modes Toggle, Momentary, Latching and Time Delay are provided.

Set up Momentary control mode: Press the “M” icon of any channel. Choose M (Toggle) control mode.

WF-8-2R ios-shift mode

Press and hold button 1, the motor is positive rotation. Release button 1, motor stops.

WF-8-2R ios-positive rotation

Press and hold button 2, the motor is reverse rotation. Release button 2, motor stops.

WF-8-2R ios-reverse rotation

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