Integrated Smartphone Wi-Fi Controller for LED Lamp

iOS system is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. It is extended to support other Apple devices such as iPod Touch, iPad other than iPhone. As we known, Wi-Fi is an advantage local area network, which is received by any Smartphone including Apple device. Now we integrate Wi-Fi networking and device with iOS system to develop a brand new product, Smartphone Wi-Fi Controller.


It works under Wi-Fi connection. With 8-channel high-current output (30amp), you can wire at least 8 devices to it. With external antenna for longer range, the theatrical working distance is 2000M (6000ft) in the open air. Actually, we design this controller for 2 Smartphone working systems— 4.6 ~ 6.1 version iOS and 2.1 ~ 4.0 version Android systems. We will illustrate the iOS system controlling lamp here. It must Work on the jailbroken iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Where there is Wi-Fi networking, there is this Wi-Fi controller. It Applied in modern agriculture field, smart home, instruments, equipment controlling. Wi-Fi remote control lights, motors, fan, electric doors / windows, aircraft, remote cars, remote toys, rolling blinds, pumps, winches, or other electrical devices with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V.

Let’s see the procedure. We have Wi-Fi controller, DC LED lamp, iPod, power adaptor.

WF-8-2R iOS material

Wire lamp to OUTPUT 1 and supply power to receiver. Lamp will get power through receiver.

wifi control dc lamp

WF-8-2R iOS wiring


After switching on power, wait until power led, ready led and link led turn on. So the Wi-Fi network is connected. After wireless network connection, press the icon of WIFI Controller software installed in advance to turn on it.

WF-8-2R iOS connection

Set up working mode for each channel of relay. Four working modes Toggle, Momentary, Latching and Time Delay are provided.

Set up Toggle control mode: Press the “T” icon of any channel. Choose T (Toggle) control mode.

WF-8-2R iOS shift mode

Press the icon and the color of icon changes to green, the corresponding relay will be on. Lamp is on.

WF-8-2R iOS lamp on

Press the icon again, the relay will be off. Lamp is off.

WF-8-2R iOS lamp off

Set up Time Delay control mode: Press “0s” icon of any channel. Enter the delay time, then press “Ok” icon. The adjustable delay time is range from 1 second to 99 hours. For example, if you want 5 seconds delay time, you can set 5 (s).

WF-8-2R iOS time delay setting

Press the icon, lamp is on.

WF-8-2R iOS time delay on

After 5 seconds, the lamp will be off automatically.

WF-8-2R iOS time delay off


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