Cell Phone GSM Smart Power Socket

3 Frequency&3 Band GSM Power Strip

This tri-frequency/tri-band GSM smart power socket has manual control, state checking function and power-off memory function other than phone call remote control and SMS remote control.


Manual Control

Press buttons SW1/SW2/SW3 on the socket directly to remote control the socket. Press SW1, socket 1 is socket 1 is power-on state. Press SW1 again, socket 1 is power-off state. Press SW2, socket 2 is power-on state. Press SW2 again, socket 2 is power-off state. Press SW3, socket 3 is power-on state. Press SW3 again, socket 3 is power-off state. When devices are plugged into sockets, only press buttons on the socket, you can switch on or off those devices.


CHECK command: Check the state of the socket

Edit text message “SN+ Six passwords +CHECK” and send to socket. You will receive the state of the socket. Then you will know the ON or OFF state of each socket.


Power-off Memory Function of Socket

The power-off memory function of socket is default in socket.

The STA 1 light flashes twice after power is on. It means that the state is power-off memory function is saved.

The STA 1 light flashes 4 times after power is on. It means that the state is power-off memory function is not saved.

Power-off state can be changed by the customer. Press SW1 for 12 seconds then release, you can change the current memory state.


This product can only control power supply on or off and do not have other functions. If some devices don’t have power-off memory function of it, even you want to start it by using this socket, it won’t work immediately. You have to turn on its own switch to restart it.

Reset to default

Press the SET button and SW1 button at the same time for 1 second, the STA1 light will flashes twice slowly. You reset socket successfully.

The previous preset owner number will be deleted and password becomes six zeros: 000000. The three switches are also disconnected.