Cell Phone Remote Controlling Socket

Our new product mobile phone GSM smart power strip is used in many fields, for example industry or household. It is applied to air conditioner, electric heaters, water pump, motors, fans, servers, relay station, TVs, water heaters, electric doors, rice cookers, lamps, speakers or other devices with voltage AC110~220V. Or something special remote controlling, you can also feed your pet via this GSM switch. How to use this socket on earth? Let’s see the following procedure.


Here we want to introduce “Phone call Remote Controlling” method.

When you use the owner number to dial, the phone will be gotten through after 2 seconds. Voice prompt: “Welcome to use the smart socket. Please enter the password and end up with “octothorp”. Then do follow the voice prompt. When your password is correct, the voice prompts is “The password is correct”. If your password is correct, you can remote control devices which are plugged into those sockets via your mobile phone or fix telephone. This product can only control power supply on or off and do not have other functions. So you can only turn on and off devices.

When you input the password with illegal format or even wrong password, the voice prompts is “The password is wrong, please input again” .You are allowed to input password incorrectly three times. If more than three times, the voice prompt is: “Thank you for using, goodbye” and hang up after 2 seconds.

Attention: Socket can be controlled many times. When you want to stop controlling, press asterisk (star key) and octothorp (hash key), the voice prompts is “Thank you for using, goodbye” and hang up after 2 seconds.

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