Mobile Phone GSM Smart Power Strip for Remote Controlling

AC power sockets are devices that allow electrically operated equipment to be connected to the AC power supply in a building. They are used in industry sector and household. Sockets differ in voltage and current rating, shape, size and type of connectors. We are always trying something new that we combine socket and cell phone with the help of radio frequency to realize remote controlling smart power socket.




This brand new GSM smart power socket is high quality with the tri-frequency/tri-band (850/1800/1900Mhz (North America version) or 900/1800/1900Mhz (Europe and Asia version). You can control the GSM power socket through short text messages or making a phone call. Controlling variety of home appliances and electronic products in any place worldwide by fixed telephone or mobile phone no matter where you go. Remote control air conditionings, electric heaters, water pump, motors, fans, servers, relay station, TVs, water heaters, electric doors, rice cookers, lamps, speakers or other equipments with voltage AC 110~220V.

This socket is user friendly. Here we will show the setting procedure to you at first.


1) Plug in the power cable.

2) Insert SIM card to SIM card position.

Please do remember inserting your SIM card before power of socket is on. Initialization time is 30seconds after power is on. Relevant operations can be done after initialization. All switches are disconnected in default state.

3) Turn on the power.

When the SIG lights change to flash every 4 seconds from every 1 second, it enters to GSM network. After initialization, you can go on relevant setting and controlling.

4) Set Password.

User password must be set when you use it at the first time. Initial password is: 000000. Password must contents 0-9 Arabic numbers (no letters or other symbols, otherwise it will be an error). Password setting format: “SN +six old passwords +NEW +six new passwords”. For example, if you want to set your password to:”123456″, then you should edit the text message:”SN000000NEW123456′ and send to GSM socket. You will receive the text message “NEW SN SETOK NEW SN IS123456 (New password)”. The new password is with the power-off memory function.

5) Set owner telephone number.

There are two ways setting the owner number: one is through mobile phone SMS settings, the other is through the SET button of socket.

① For example, if passwords is 123456, you want to set 13788889999 to be owner number, and then edit the text message “SN123456SET1 3788889999′ send to GSM socket, you will receive a message: “13788889999SETOK” if you set successfully. Only the owner number can dial to the socket and control SW1 -SW3. Owner numbers are with a power-off memory function.

② Press the SET button of socket, STA 1 LED light will flash for 30 seconds. During this time, your use your mobile phone dial to socket, socket will automatically hang up the telephone after getting through. This telephone number will become owner numbers. Numbers with a power-off memory function.

It can be used in various sectors. For instance, remote controlling unwatched relay station, server to control their air conditionings, fans on and off in order to save energy. People can use mobile phone to switch on electric cookers or air conditionings to save time. You can remote control electric heater or feeding pets by using mobile phone from all over the world. Remote controlling gates and windows via GSM long range control. Remote switch on and off motor, servers or do reset controlling.

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