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Time Delay Remote controller Activates Hot Water Recirculation Pump

Question from customer:

“I would like to control my hot water recirculation pump via remote control with time delay. I would like one receiver unit that can provide 4 different time delays (i.e. #1 1 minute, #2 2 minutes, #3 for 3 minutes, #4 for 4 minutes) via 4 different transmitters. Do you have such a product?”


We think that you may need two time adjustable ac receivers and a 4-button transmitter (S2DA-AC220&C-4). The receiver is relay output (normally open and normally closed). Power supply for the receiver and the water pump are different. They can turn off automatically after the delay time(0 seconds ~ 99 hours), this RF wireless remote control switch system should be a good choice for you to control your all kinds of DC 0-28V or AC110 ~ 240V electrical appliances at home!

our automation-time delay remote control

You can wire 4 pumps to 4 different relays of two receivers respectively.



Press buttons of “+” and “-” on the timer from two receivers, adjust delay time from 0 second to 99 hours. Two buttons of Timer 1 adjust delay time of relay 1; two buttons of Timer 2 adjust delay time of relay 2. “H” is Hour, “M” is Minute, and “S” is Second. For example, if you set “1 0 M 0 3” on Timer, it means the delay time on Timer 1 is 3 minutes; the delay time on Timer 2 is 10 minutes.

Set relay 1 for 1 minute; relay 2 for 2 minutes; relay 3 for 3 minutes; relay 4 for 4 minutes.

So for the first receiver, you can set “02M01”; for the second receiver, you can set “04M03”.

And press button 1 turn on, pump 1.

Press button 2 turn on, pump 2.

Press button 3 turn on, pump 3.

Press button 4 turn on, pump 4.

After preset delay time, they will turn off automatically. If you want to turn off pump immediately, you can press button again for each pump to turn off them at once. | 502: Bad gateway

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