How to Remote Control Droplight with Mobile Phone

One of our customers said that he installed droplight on the wall of stairs. He wanted to remote control droplight but sometimes it is not convenient to him to have a transmitter.

pendant lamp

We recommend him our Smartphone WIFI remote controller WF-8-1R (iOS system). It supports 4.6 ~ 6.1 version iOS software system. That is to say, if you use our WIFI remote control and install our WIFI software in your mobile phone. Your mobile phone will be a transmitter which can work with WIFI controller in pairs to control electric devices.

It is applied in modern agriculture field, smart home, instruments, equipment control. WiFi remote control lights, motors, fan, electric doors / windows, aircraft, remote cars, remote toys, rolling blinds, pumps, winches, or other electrical devices with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V.

The following is the presentation.

They are WIFI controller, iPod, AC lamp and 12V adaptor.

WF-8-1R AC lamp (ios)-material


Connect AC lamp to the output terminals (B&C) of WIFI controller.

WF-8-1R AC lamp (ios)-wiring

Software installation:

Install the WIFI Controller software to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by iTunes.

Note: Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch must be jailbroken.

WF-8-1R AC lamp (ios)-wifi connection

Switch on the power of WIFI controller. Wait until power led and wifi start-up led turn on. After wireless network connection, press the icon of WIFI Controller software to turn on it.

WF-8-1R AC lamp (ios)-connection

There are 3 modes in common use. They are toggle, momentary and latched. But we usually use toggle or latched for lighting controlling. And there is “Time Delay” mode in it. Here is the presentation of “Toggle” and ”Time Delay” mode to control AC lamp.

Toggle Controlling:

Set up Toggle control mode: Press the “T” icon of channel 1. Choose T (Toggle) control mode.

WF-8-1R AC lamp (ios)-T mode

Press button 1 and the color of button 1 icon changes to green, AC lamp will be on. Press the icon again, the lamp will be off.

WF-8-1RAC lamp (ios)-button 1 lamp on

WF-8-1R AC lamp (ios)-button 1 lamp off

Time Delay Controlling:

Set up Time Delay control mode: Press “0s” icon of channel 1. Enter the delay time, then Press “Ok” icon. The adjustable delay time is range from 1 second to 99 hours. We set delay time 5 seconds.

WF-8-1R AC lamp (ios)-time delay setting

Press button 1 to turn on the lamp.

WF-8-1R 控AC lamp (ios)-lamp on(time delay)

After 5 seconds, the lamp is off by itself.

WF-8-1R AC lamp (ios)-lamp off(time delay)

Time Delay mode is much better for you to control your bracket light. If you set the delay time in advance, you don’t have to switch off it again because it is off automatically when delay time is up.


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