Extended Range Remote for Wharf Lights

Question from customer:

I am installing 12v DC lighting on my boat wharf. It will operate off a 12v battery with a solar charger. I need a long range on/off remote for the lights. My house is about 400 ft away. I have no AC power at the  wharf. I was planning on two 12 v lights.

dock lights


We recommend you 2 one-many-system single channel receivers (S1UB-DC12-ANT2) and the long range remote (CB-2). The DC power activated remote is so favorable to you since you have a 12V battery with solar charger. The one-many-system means that you can use one transmitter control more than two receivers. There is no interference between two receivers because they are powered by different adaptors. With external extended antenna, working distance of remote controller extends 1500m, up to 2000m without any obstacles in the open field. So it is believed that the signal can be transmitted from your house to the  wharf successfully.

We make a presentation of this kind of remote. First, here is the material preparation.

2×1 channel receiver (S1UB-DC12-ANT2)

1×long range transmitter(CB-2)

2×LED light(DC 12V)

2×12V adaptor

Some lines

S1UB-DC12-ANT2&CB-2 material

The wiring is so simple. Each receiver is connected to LED light and adaptor. Switch on the power.


S1UB-DC12-ANT2&CB-2-power on

Press big button, turn on the red light( wharf light).

S1UB-DC12-ANT2&CB-2-red lamp on

Press big button again, turn off red light( wharf  light).

S1UB-DC12-ANT2&CB-2- red lamp off

Press small button, switch on blue light( wharf  light).

S1UB-DC12-ANT2&CB-2 blue lamp on

Press small button again, switch off blue light( wharf  light).

S1UB-DC12-ANT2&CB-2-blue lamp off

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