Automated Lamp control—By Motion Detector


Motion detector is a vital component of security, automated light control, home control, and other useful systems. It is used to detect any moving objects, particularly people. It is usually used in hall gate, corridor or staircase. We will try to make motion detector led lamp with infrared motion detector (W-01) and rf receiver with time delay function (S1DA-DC12). The working distance of motion detector is 100m (open field). The detection distance is 10m. The rf receiver is an adjustable time delay receiver. Delay time can be adjusted as you like within 0 second~99 hours.



Let’s see the following material. We have motion detector, receiver, led lamp, dc 12V power supply.



The wiring and operation pictures are as follows:


Wire the rf receiver to the lamp.



Set delay time: 5 seconds and switch on the power.



Hand moves around the motion detector, the light turns on automatically.




When there is no motion, the light will be off by itself after 5 seconds.



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