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How to Remote Control Home Heating and Light from Workplace

Question from customer:

I was hoping to be able to use a device to turn on my heating and light at home when I am at work.


We recommend you wireless telephone remote control module (TC-01). You just need to make a telephone call, you can remote control your home appliance when you are at work. It can control variety of home appliances and electronic products in any place worldwide by fixed telephone or mobile phone. The range of application is lights, TVs, motors, fans, cameras, video/ audio signals, electrically operated doors/ locks/ windows/ curtains/ bell or other equipments with voltage AC 110~240V or DC 0~48V. It also has password protection which can avoid being used by other people.


Here is the wiring diagram and picture. Telephone line is plugged into the telephone socket on the telephone remote control module. Remote control module should be supplied power. Connect heating and lamp to two relays.


Operation method:

1)Dial the number of fixed telephone at your home with mobile phone, the telephone could be connected automatically after 6 ringing (about 33 seconds).

2)Input the preset password “5678″ to enter into the menu. (Protective password makes it different from ordinary telephone call. If you don’t input password when the telephone put through, you cannot control the remote module.). Modify the password (4 bits): Press button “*” + “new password” + “*”.

3)Press button 1 of mobile keyboard, turn on the lamp. Press button 2 of mobile keyboard, turn off the lamp.

Press button 3 of mobile keyboard, turn on the heating. Press button 4 of mobile keyboard, turn off the heating.

4)Press button “#”, ring off. (If you do not press button “#”, the telephone will hang up automatically after 75 seconds.)

The remote controlling of your heating and lamp in your house when you are at work has realized easily. You can dial telephone call when you nearly arrive home to turn on lamp and heating, turn off it after your arrival. That is very convenient.