Telephone Switch for 2 LED Lamps

When you drive back home very late after knocking off from office for extra hours, you might want your garage outside door lamp to be on before your arrival in order to park car as soon as possible . You might wonder that is there any favorable product can solve this problem when you nearly arrive home? Of course, there is a solution. Your making a telephone call can turn on your garage door lamp when you are on your way home.

How does it work? Let’s see the presentation. We will show you step by step. Material preparation is as follow.

telephone remote control module

1×mobile phone

1×telephone line

2×LED lamps

2×DC 12V adaptors

Two lines

TC-01&mobile phone-material COPY

Here is the wiring diagram and picture. Telephone line is plugged into the telephone socket on the telephone remote control module. Remote control module should be supplied 12V power. Connect two led lamps to two relays and the same adaptor.


TC-01&mobile phone-wiring

Dial the telephone number with mobile phone, the telephone could be connected automatically after 6 ringing (about 33 seconds).

TC-01&mobile phone-connected

Then input the preset password “5678″ to enter into the menu. (Protective password makes it different from ordinary telephone call. If you don’t input password when the telephone put through, you cannot control the remote module.). Modify the password (4 bits): Press button “*” + “new password” + “*”.

TC-01&mobile phone-input password 5678

Press button 1, turn on the red lamp. Press button 2, turn off the red lamp.

TC-01&mobile phone-button 1 red lamp on

TC-01&mobile phone-button 2  red lamp off

Press button 3, turn on the blue lamp. Press button 4, turn off the blue lamp.

TC-01&mobile phone-button 3 blue lamp on

TC-01&mobile phone-button 4 blue lamp off

Press button “#”, ring off. (If you do not press button “#”, the telephone will hang up automatically after 75 seconds.)

TC-01&mobile phone-press #

The remote controlling of garage door lamp has realized easily. You can dial telephone call when you nearly arrive home to turn on garage door lamp and turn off it after your arrival. That is very convenient.

This telephone remote control module is capable of controlling any electric devices.

Perhaps you will be on business for several days, even go abroad, you only to make a telephone call to your home fixed telephone, this kind of remote control can help you to water your flowers regularly every day.

If you are ready to go out for business or participate in camp activity, this kind of remote control can help you feed your pets as long as you make a telephone call regularly after your installing it to your DIY pet feeder in advance.

No matter what kind of phones you use to dial, the telephone remote control module will be activated when you dial the number of the controlled phone.

Operational Video:

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