Lighted Taxi Symbol is Controlled Remotely Outside of the Hotel

We have this kind of wireless long range remote control kit.

transmitter and receiver

These are transmitter and receiver. With external extended antenna of the receiver, the whole kit’s transmitting distance can reach 2000m (6000 ft). Maximum working current is 10A. The RF signal can pass through doors, walls and trees as well as other barriers.

Someone works in a very famous hotel in downtown. He wants remotely control lighted taxi symbol outside of hotel at night (The taxi is not allowed to drive too close in front of hotel gate). When customers need to call a taxi, he only presses a button to switch on taxi symbol. The taxi drivers will drive to hotel carry customers. He can switch off taxi symbol by remote controller when drivers carry customers away.

Illuminated Taxi Sign at Airporthotel-taxi parking

What an exactly good idea! It is so convenience both to customers and hotel staff. The practice may be not complicated if he use our this kind remote controller.

Such a solution is an effective way to avoid running back and forth for hotel staff. Taxi driver will appreciate it because he carries customers in time and get earning as soon as possible. The lighted taxi symbol will be connected to the receiver as the following picture shown.

Remote Control Wireless Switch & Controllers

When customers need to call taxi, staff in hotel can press big button on the transmitter. Then the taxi symbol will shine. When taxi drivers see lighted symbol, he will come to drive customers.


When customers are carried away, staff can press small button switch off the taxi symbol. Staff will be  very pleased with the operation of the taxi symbol  and enjoys the great range of the remote control.


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