4 Spotlights Controllable by High Power Long Range Controller

A PE teacher from a football training school intended to look for remote control system to switch on and off 4 big spotlights in the stadium. Spotlights’ switch was installed on a wall outside of stadium gate. He must go to touch the manual switches one by one when he had PE class in the stadium. So he would like to have a set of remote controller to control spotlights.

Stadium Lights1

According his requirement, we suggest this high power remote control system with 30amp maximum working current. It contains 4-channel high power ac output receiver and one great range 4-button remote transmitter. Working distance of this set is 2000m (6000ft) in the open air with external magnetic mount antenna.


Wiring is fairly simple. Do as the following picture shows. Wire each spotlight to each relay; use transmitter to remote control them. Four buttons control corresponding spotlight respectively.




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