How to Remote Control Linear Motion Actuator Run Forward and Backward

Question from customer:

I have 24V Linear Motion Actuator which moves 2 ways (OUT and IN). Also I have 24V power Supply.

I would like to connect the remote control, and be able to open and close the actuator. Ideally, I want to press the button until actuator extends fully, and press another button to retract fully.

Linear Actuator


We recommend this 2 channel wireless remote control momentary on off switch which is widely applied to lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors / locks / windows / blinds, etc. One relay as an ON/OFF switch can turn on or off electric gadget. If you want to remote control  bidirectional motion, you may choose 2 channel remote (two relays). Your linear motion actuator can run forward and backward, so this remote is very available for you. It provides linear motion actuator with 10A. It is enough for linear motion actuator. With 2-button transmitter, its working distance reaches about 100m which can make your control range much wider, getting rid of narrow space constraint.


The wiring of linear motion actuator is a little sophisticated. See the following picture.

motor circuit

Initial state: A, B = Normally Closed; B, C = Normally Open.

So wire linear motion actuator to B terminals of two relays. Wire “C” terminals of two relays together to positive electrode of 24 batteries. Wire “A” terminals of two relays together to negative electrode of 24 batteries. And supply additional power to the receiver. It can avoid generating interfere between receiver and linear motion actuator.

Momentary mode is the only working mode in this remote. So press and hold button 1, linear motion actuator extends slowly, if you release button 1, it stops moving. Press and hold button 2, linear motion actuator retracts slowly, if you release button 2, it stops moving.

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