Firework Ignition with Mobile Phone WIFI Controller

Mobile phone WiFi is so convenient to us nowadays. What’s more, we think mobile phone WiFi is not only used for internet surfing, but also can ignite firework when you use our mobile phone WiFi controller. It contains WiFi controller with 8 relays (WF-8-1R) and WiFi controller software which should be installed into your mobile phone. When your installed this software, your mobile phone will become the transmitter.

Let’s show you all how to use this mobile phone WiFi controller to ignite firework. Look at the following picture. Material includes WiFi controller, phone, firework, and line as well as 9V adaptor (power supply).

WF-8-R material

Here is the wiring.

WF-8-R wiring

Press WIFI controller software icon and press “Connect” icon. Set Momentary control mode: Press the ▼ icon of  channel 1. Choose M (Momentary) control mode.

WIFI-8-1R set M mode

Press the button to ignite firework.

WIFI-8-1R firework ignition







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