Emergency Calling System with LED Display and Sound Alerting Function

A emergency calling button is used around a hospital bed that allows patients to alert a nurse or other hospital staff at the nurse’s station to know the patient’s need. For basic system, has nothing more than a button for patient. When the button is pressed, nurse is alerted by a light or an audible sound at nurse’s station. Now we integrate wireless calling button and wireless receiver host with LED display tube to build a brand new emergency calling system.

emergency button

Like basic system, this wireless type has ability for alerting nursing staff by sound, light or display rooms and beds’ messages in a terminal. This type has major advantage that is no wiring works while installation and reducing the costs. It’s much more mobile and handy than conventional system.

Our remote control calling system is the hi-tech electronic product which is integrated wireless communication and computer technology. It includes calling button and calling receiver. Each system has one calling receiver and many calling buttons. When there is a calling from a calling button, calling receiver will display corresponding number.


We do some setting of this receiver host.

The First step:

Working mode setting:

Long press 2sec Button 1 of manager transmitter to enter settings mode; Use Button 3 or 4 to choose “Cd8”(Working mode setting) submenu. This display will show”0”, the press Button 3 or 4 to select the working mode.

Suppose we use it in the restaurant. So we select “4” (Hospital mode ). When you choose “4” mode, screen displays number 011 -999 for you to pair up with your calling button, sounds “Dingdong+Room 1-99+No.1 -9 emergency call”. After finish the setting , press button “2″ of manager transmitter to previous menu or quit to standby status.

Note : After finish the function, please power off and restart the host to ensure the function is comfired.


The second step :

Calling Transmitter pairing :

You can use calling transmitter control the receiver host, but you need pair them up at first.

Press Button 1 of manager transmitter for 2 sec to enter “Cd7″ submenu. Press Button 3 or 4 select one of the number, paired number must start from “011″ for calling button, and then press “Call” button on the transmitter, the speaker will sound “successful registration” and the display screen turn to next number “012″ automatically. Then you can continue to do the next pairing up to number 999 calling transmitter (hospital mode) if you need. After finish the pairing, press button “2″ of manager transmitter to previous menu or quit to standby status.

Note: 1) long press Button 3 or 4 of manager transmitter to jump the numbers quickly.

2) While the number is paired , the 4 corner LED indicators will be flicker, or not, if the LED indicators are off, it means that the number has no paired transmitter.

3) in hospital mode, this first two digits mean the room number from 01 to 99, the last one digit means the bed number in one room from 1 to 9, press “UP/DOWN” on the receiver to select suitable room and number.

Stick the calling button to wall or desk.

When patient needs emergency call, press the button, it will display “01  1” and sounds “Dingdong room 01 No. 1 emergency call”. It means room 1 bed 1 emergency call.

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