2000m 9V Actuated Toggle Mode Remote Controller Works at a Port


I am looking for a RF Remote Control covers a distance of 1000-2000 meters for one port only, and output Relay Minimum with current 3 amps and working on the 9-volt battery.



We recommend This 1 channel dc rf remote control system (S1T-DC09-ANT2+CB-1), which operates in 6V/9V/12V/24V. 12V is the standard voltage. 9V is also available if you need. Any device with voltage of AC110~240V or DC0~28V can be connected to that controller. It is great for hard to reach lights or other DC/AC electrical devices, remote distance is up to 2000m. Applications include light remote control, electric gate remote control, electric window / blind remote control, etc. Then maximum current output is 10 amps and it can work on the 9-volt battery. Transmitter distance is 2000m in the open field.


It is the normally open and closed contact, so your device at port is supposed to be wired to normally open contact. You can only wire one device on that controller because it has only one relay (one channel).


After wiring, the device at port should be added additional power. Turn on the controller.

Press button: Turn on relay, turn on device (connect B and C, disconnect A and B)

Press button again: Turn off relay, turn off device (disconnect B and C, connect A and B)

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